Zeta AMRi

Zeta AMRi Top Mounted Magnetic Agitators
For applications which require a magnetic agitator mounted on the cover of the vessel, PharmAseptic offers the top-mounted magnetic agitators of the AMR series. These avoid the problems of conventional agitators with mechanical seals and permit the use of almost any type of impeller.  The impellers can be welded to the shaft or mounted with the aid of a sliding hub in sterile design.  Zeta AMRi with internal magnetic coupling, for vessel volumes between 2 and 150 liters.  On these agitators with torques between 0.3 und 5.5 Nm, the magnetic coupling and the dry running shaft bearings project into the product space and can thus – in contrast to normal laboratory agitators – be cleaned in-situ together with the inside of the vessel.  The mounting on the vessel cover with, for example, a deadleg-free flange, a TriClamp or a bayonet connector is executed in accordance with the customer‘s wishes.  Process-specific impellers, such as a segment impeller („Elephant ear“) for cell culture fermentation, Rushton turbines or pitched blade impellers, are mounted on the shaft.  AC motors suitable for Variable Frequency Control (VFD) operation are standard, and as an option, can be supplied with integrated frequency converters. For small sizes, DC motors with integrated speed control are supplied.  Quick-change couplings for the drive are available as an option.

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