ZenPure ZenCap Zero

ZenPure ZenCap® Zero Disposable Filter Cartridges

Realize real savings when using disposable filter cartridges by recovering high value drug products with the ZenPure ZenCap® Zero

ZenCap® Zero disposable filter capsules can be used to recover valuable fluid without dilution, contamination, or over-pressurization.  ZenCap® Zero is a Patent Pending technology that eliminates the significant economic loss caused by the upstream and downstream volume of fluid retained in traditional capsule filters. Fluid holdup in the Zero capsule’s downstream space is reduced to zero.  On Zero’s upstream side, the filter cartridge is specially recessed and the mold has been optimized to permit the maximum amount of liquid to pass through the filter to the downstream side. On the downstream side Zero’s aseptic recovery mechanism removes all the liquid from the filter’s internal space allowing it to flow to the downstream process. Only the smallest volume of liquid is retained after filtration.  ZenCap® Zero aseptically extracts the maximum volume of valuable fluids without dilution. The entire downstream recovery of liquid is achieved without over pressurizing the membrane to its bubble point. Bubble pointing a capsule attached to a single use system is difficult to perform and risks contamination or catastrophic failure of the downstream system. The water bubble point of membranes 0.1 μm or less is usually higher than the capsule’s burst-point pressure.  When every milliliter of fluid must be recovered, ZenCap® Zero gives a reliable, aseptic method to maximize yield and minimize loss.