PureFlo® SKL Large Capsule Filters

PureFlo® Large Capsule Filters

ZenPure manufactures a wide range of filter capsule sizes, media and pore sizes.  Each size is available with 10 different filtration media and 16 different connection options.  This provides our customers the highest degree of flexibility when designing filtration into their process.

The SKL large capsules have a compact design that can incorporate 690, 1400, 2600, 4000 or 5200 cm2 of filtration material to meet the needs of different applications.  Capsule sizes range from 1.5 to 10″ with 73mm diameter.

The capsules were designed for simple and efficient filtration of small volumes used in low-flow application, laboratory, and pilot runs. No adhesives, binders, or surfactants are used in the manufacturing process of these capsules. They are rinsed with pyrogen-free water to reduce extractables and downtime.  All filter capsules are 100% integrity-tested to ensure filter performance each and every time out of the package.  PureFlo PES filter capsules are well-suited for pharmaceutical applications where superior flow and bacterial retention is required. The capsule can be ordered pre-sterilized.

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