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Flexible Solutions for Process Problems

For more than 30 years VENAIR has marketed and manufactured flexible silicone hoses for the food, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cosmetic and chemical industries. We strive to find answers to the various questions that we are asked through relevant and sometimes innovative solutions.

Whatever the nature of the fluid you convey, its temperature, concentration, working pressure or even the type of cleaning cycles used in your process, VENAIR emerges as the specialist in the transfer of liquid, pasty products or even solids through our flexible solutions.

Our mission is to remain your privileged solutions partner by providing the best formulations of silicone from our Chemists, Engineers and R&D Department.  In order to further strengthen our image, we hold the management certificates ISO 9001, ISO 14001, EMAS and also the product 3A 62-02 & 18-03 standards, which further reinforces our pledge to produce connections with a zero retention zone (SZR).

Today, a new era begins with a requirement level which has never been matched in providing hose trace-ability.  The iHose, the intelligent hose by VENAIR, is furnished with an integrated microchip product which will allow you unparalleled ease in the way that you will manage your preventive maintenance.  Beyond simply providing a number to start trace-ability, the iHose system will allow all pertinent documents to be readily retrievable from your smart phone.

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