Custom Process Systems

There are certain pharmaceutical processes that because of their scale or the chemicals involved will not be candidates for single use technology.  Because of that reality we also offer a wide range of magnetically coupled mixing systems, both top and bottom mounted as well as aseptic process valves, sample valves and tank components such as zero dead leg flanges.  Sterilization studies have shown conclusively these components are important for optimizing stainless steel process vessels for SIP/CIP service. Working closely with Zeta Biopharma we are also a trusted partner in designing and constructing custom process skids for installation World Wide.

Zeta has successfully realized a wide range of projects for many of the largest pharmaceutical and biotech companies and the list of projects and possibilities continues to grow. Zeta manufactures a standard range of industry leading Freeze and Thaw controllers as well as advanced design cryogenic storage vessels. In addition, Zeta has also delivered a comprehensive range of large and small process skids, including filtration, CIP/SIP, fermentation, bioreactor trains as well as super skids. Also possible is to supply the controls and stainless hardware to support single use bag systems – including single use bioreactors…on time and on budget.

Stainless Steel Skids
Zeta Custom Skids

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