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Sterile Access Port Diverting Valves for SAFE areas is a valve body offering two opposite valves with a zero dead leg common port.  The diverting valves are designed for fluid or gas deviation common to filtration and CIP skids and many other process streams.  Two diverting valves connected from a common center pipe gives a “block and bleed unit” with Zero dead leg.
The body shape and their internal design offer a very reliable component for Aseptic Processing Application.  Standard version are short butt weld ends but, on demand, may be delivered for orbital welding or with Tri-Clamp connections. Available on several configurations to fulfill customer needs on all applications: 90° and 180° design, for vertical installations with coaxial outlets or for horizontal installations with tangential outlets reaching a full drainability. Customized design with additional connections, for saving pipes or unused portions, on demand.  The valve body is machined from solid 1.4435-BN2 compound for superior corrosion resistance.  The valve is standard with a PTFE seal (FDA).  Laser marking is standard to comply with traceability and validation requirements.  Material 3.1 certificates according to FDA or USP and internal surface finishing check is standard.  More than 30 years of experience in the stainless steel machining has made of Rattiinox a successful firm in the supplying of components for pharmaceutical, chemical and alimentary installations.  Modern management of Rattiinox is orientated towards delivering services and products able to satisfy Customers requirements as concern aseptic processes and high purity technologies by designing with dedicated equipment, devices and systems.  Rattiinox aims to satisfy the customer by providing a mix of products and services geared towards high quality production, in full respect of the aseptic systems and regulations.  Our services will range from the simple consulting, also in the field, for a better understanding of the real needs, to the delivery of standard and dedicated process components, up to be completed by process engineering.  All this is guaranteed by the collaboration of Rattiinox with a team of experts with extensive experience providing process engineering, components and systems.

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Since 1970 Rattiinox has been developing and manufacturing innovative stainless steel valves and components for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and food and beverage industries. Rattiinox is focused on aseptic processing equipment.
Characteristics: Valve body machined from solid compound. Double metal closure, no gaskets between the body and the rod valve guide.
The state of the art of the CNC machining technologies, such as 5 axis machining centers equiped with more than 100 tools, 8 axis multitasking lathes, special ultrasonic cleaning machines and much more… Only the latest generation CNC machine tools are used to get high quality standards like 0,4Ra surface finishing directly on the machine tool working. R&D and engineering of new product and special assembly are available using 3D CAD and CAM soft ware.

Clean and Aseptic Valves of CAD Product Line have simple and safe design, with their full drainability, without asymptotic seal and dead leg, are offering fast cleanability and sterilization practices. They are designed to fulfill stringent demands of CIP-SIP and Production Cycles on Aseptic Processing.

Design Temperature: -80 to 200 ºC (-112 to 392 ºF)
Application Areas: SAFE
Design Pressure, Valve Body: -1 to 10 bar (-14.5 to 145 psi)
Note: The applied actuator and diaphragm may have different design temperature
and/or pressure limits. The weakest component determines the maximum
design temperature and pressure limits, when they are assembled.
Surface Roughness: Internal surface (manually polished) Ra ≤ 0.3μm (16μin)
External surface Ra ≤ 0.5μm (20μin)
Surface Treatment: Available also on EP version – Elettropolishing after manual polished
Labeling: Each valve body is labeled for full LOT traceability
Packaging: Valve body is sealed in plastic bags and packaged in a closed box with
Operating and Maintenance bulletin, Certificate of Conformity and Materials
Certification 3.1
Quality Control: Quality Assurance System guarantees the control and traceability of the
Rules Compliances: CAD valve are on going to be classified for PED Directive 97/23/EC and fulfill
ASME BPE Standards
Standard design: Shut Off bodies are available also to 180°, tangential outlet Left or Right
Options: For non-standard CAD Valve body Options, please contact us for further
Orders and Information: For additional information or to place a order call your nearest
Distributor or visit

Sterile access divert valves are used in a wide range of applications were a purge line is required. Unique to the Rattiinox divert valve is the ability this application can be accomplished without the associated dead-legs found in hygienic weir valves. The sterile access CAD divert valve from Rattiinox does not have dead-legs or unused portions and is suitable for a wide range of critical applications in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Please call PharmaAseptic or visit the Rattiinox web site for additional information

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