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The Rattiinox Type 046 compact aseptic sample valves is designed for sterile sampling of liquids on pharmaceutical products.  The valve incorporates a reliable and easy to maintain radial diaphragm with an extremely compact design.

By design the diaphragm closes at the inlet seat of the product port connection, eliminating unwanted and difficult to clean dead legs.  All Rattiinox aseptic valves and fittings are engineered for Aseptic and High Purity Applications.  Long life PTFE or Silicone diaphragms with AISI 316 L supports are available.  Critical to the cleanability of the aseptic valve there are no asymptotic seals which are found in “hygienic” wier type membrane valves.  In addition, all versions of the Type 046 compact aseptic sample valve are are fully autoclavable.

A removable handle is available for valves equipped with SIP connection is available as an option.  Custom designs and porting are possible in order to meet your requirements.  Laser marking is standard to comply with trace-ability and validation requirements.

Material 3.1 certificates according to FDA or USP and internal surface finishing check is standard.

More than 30 years of experience in the stainless steel machining has made of Rattiinox a successful firm in the supplying of components for pharmaceutical, chemical and alimentary installations.  Modern management of Rattiinox is orientated towards delivering services and products able to satisfy Customers requirements as concern aseptic processes and high purity technologies by designing with dedicated equipment, devices and systems.  Rattiinox aims to satisfy the customer by providing a mix of products and services geared towards high quality production, in full respect of the aseptic systems and regulations.  Our services will range from the simple consulting, also in the field, for a better understanding of the real needs, to the delivery of standard and dedicated process components, up to be completed by process engineering.  All this is guaranteed by the collaboration of Rattiinox with a team of experts with extensive experience providing process engineering, components and systems.

Since 1970 Rattiinox has been developing and manufacturing innovative stainless steel valves and components for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and food and beverage industries. Rattiinox is focused on aseptic processing equipment.
The most recent addition is the CAD valve (“Clean Aseptic Design”)
By applying strict aseptic design principals and employing Rattiinox valves, the highest level of process optimization can finally be achieved.
The Rattiinox CAD valves do not suffer from poor hygienic design which is an issue that plagues wier style membrane valves. By using the CAD valves, system volume and the number of welds in your systems can be reduced in addition to eliminating hard to clean and sterilize dead legs.

The Type 046 aseptic sampling valve comes in four sizes from 1/2″ to 1.5″ to fit standard sanitary clamp fittings in ASTM A270 tri-clamp according to ASME-BPE 2009, ISO 1127 tri-clamp and DIN 32676 tri-clamp. There are six basic configurations that include either hose barb or TC outlet only or hose barb or TC inlet and outlet for flow through designs in order to flush and clean the valve between samples.

Specially recommended for the transport of liquids and gases in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Owing to the unique design principal of a self draining right angle individual valves and valve block can be easily adapted to your specific process requirements. Please consult PharmAseptic.

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