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Lab Scale Freeze and Thaw

Freeze & Thaw Systems

Lab Scale Freeze and Thaw – The Challenge:

The biopharmaceutical sector needs to respond flexibly to momentary demand and supply, distribute production steps between locations, and hold intermediate forms of products for some time
between processing steps.  This makes it essential to have a method of storing and transporting sensitive products such as pharmaceutical proteins.

The Solution:

Zeta offers a solution in the form of a complete range of equipment for controlled freezing, transport, storage and thawing of sensitive biopharmaceuticals. In the frozen state, biopharmaceuticals
generally have good stability, and they are also protected against microbial growth.  Zeta Freeze & Thaw Systems are based on transportable stainless steel vessels linked to sophisticated cooling systems. Since the product quality of biopharmaceuticals is often sensitive to the exact conditions of freezing and thawing, Zeta Freeze & Thaw Systems also include lab-scale and pilot-scale devices to ensure rational and economical development of the freezing process.

As a technology supplier of the biotechnological and pharmaceutical industry, we design, manufacture and install customized solutions for renowned pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies around the world.

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FreezeThaw System Scale-up
FreezeThaw System Scale-up

Since the exact freezing conditions are critical for avoiding damage to the product, product-specific development of the freezing method is key to success. Zeta Freeze & Thaw Systems are a family of equipment that offer you an economical, logical and reliable path from initial lab experiments through pilot scale to full production volumes of 10 to 300 l.

Zeta LabFreeze System

Investigative apparatus for initial studies of protein-specific behavior with a working volume of 200 ml.
The Zeta LabFreeze is made for initial experiments and maximizes the amount of data you can obtain from a very small volume of product.
It can deliver first insights into effects such as cold denaturation, cryoconcentration, pH shifts and surface stresses. This data can be used to model the freezing process for the specific product and to derive starting conditions for the next stage of testing.

Zeta PilotFreeze System
Miniature Industry-Grade system for testing process methods with a standard working of 700ml. Higher volume units are possible.
The Zeta PilotFreeze is a step up to a miniature version of the production-grade system. It allows closer simulation of the production process and further refinement of the method. This stage minimizes unpredictable effects when you move up to full production scale.

Zeta FreezeSystem

Production-scale system for freezing, transporting and thawing with a working volume of up to 300 liters.

FreezeThaw System Scale-up
FreezeThaw System Scale-up

Expert Support

The dynamics of the freezing process hold significant risks for product quality. However, with a careful and logical approach to process design, these risks can be controlled. Zeta Freeze & Thaw Systems offer you a safe path through the development of product-specific freezing and thawing processes.

Scaling up the process is guided by Zeta FreezeSimulation, a process modeling solution that makes each step in development more predictable and also provides a basis for Quality by Design (QbD), opening up the possibility of abbreviated validation of the freezing process.

Zeta Freeze & Thaw Systems come with full backup in the form of an expert support and development service. Our experienced team of experts in biotechnology and bioprocess engineering can guide you through experimentation, modeling and optimization of process parameters and can also support you in carrying out protein stability studies.

Advantages of Stainless Steel

Safe, reliable, robust
Free of leachables and extractables
Long operational life
Ideal process control with inline and online sensors