Single Use Systems

Integra Connected™ Single Use Assemblies
Clean Room Packaging and gamma Irradiation Services

  • Custom assemblies utilizing all tubing, components and technology available
  • Molded construction or engineered barbed-retainer connections
  • Application specific tubing and component selection
  • Autoclavable or gamma irradiated

From product concept and detailed design to quality planning, production, gamma irradiation and final release…Completing the Connection.

Product Description

Single Use Systems
Packaging and Gamma Irradiation Services

Packaging and gamma Irradiation Services

Single Use Systems

Single Use Systems are available in two options.  In-house kitting operations require autoclaving products to ensure sterility or less often sending out for gamma irradiation.  Autoclaving is very aggressive on single use components and there are some parts and tubing that are simply not suitable for the high autoclave temperatures than can compromise shape and fit.  As a far more cost effective and repeatable alternative, PharmAseptic through our suppliers can provide clean room assembled kits, double bagged, gamma irradiated and ready to use!  We have also supplied individual components of all types as well as bulk tubing to a wide range of biopharm customers.

Our Advantage:

  • Extensive knowledge of fluid handling components and connections.
  • Responsive and knowledgeable sales team available when you need them.
  • Dedicated single-use engineering department for quick turnaround of designs.
  • Rapid Prototypes to confirm functionality and dimensional requirements on critical applications.
  • Fully documented and validated sterility assurance for gamma irradiated products.
  • Controlled manufacturing environments and processes supported by cGMP and ISO 9001:2008 Quality Systems.