em-tec flow monitoring

em-tec BioProTT™ Flow Measurement
The non-invasive solution for reliable and economical liquid flow measurement for improved bioprocess management.  Clamp on installation.

The em-tec Advantage
Single use systemsAutomated processes - able to be integrated into control system
Processes utilizing flexible tubingProcesses sensitive to shearing effects
Processes requiring sterility in the linesNon-invasive, real-time flow measurement
Excellent accuracy, repeat-ability and stabilityEconomical and reusable
4-20 mA or digital RS-232 output signalsCustomer specified calibration for tubing, temperature and media
User adjustable calibration enables field changesTotalizing Function

Clamp-on and get started…

Product Description

em-tec Ultrasoninc Flow Monitoring

em-tec BioProTT™ at a glance:

em-tec control module
em-tec BioProTT control modules

Clamp On and Get Started Installation
BioProTT™ Clamp-On Transducers attach easily to the outside of flexible tubing eliminating the need for splicing the lines or interrupting the process. They do not make contact with the fluid, induce shear stress on cells, or cause a pressure drop in the system. Transducers are just as easily removed at the end of the process, with minimal cleaning and sterilization required. They do not require re-calibration prior to each use. Whether you use single-use components or reusable systems, our economical flow measurement system can be used for years without the operating costs associated with disposables. All models are enabled with analog current (4-20mA) output for flow and received signal strength, and RS232 digital output for seamless integration into any process control system.

Size (HxWxL)25 x 33 x 45 mm (tube inner diameter / ID < 1/2”)
27 x 38 x 51 mm (tube inner diameter / ID = 1/2”)
Total weight(incl. cable/plug) 137 g (tube ID < 1/2”), 153g (tube ID = 1/2”)
Weight sensor head52 g (tube ID < 1/2”), 72g (tube ID = 1/2”)
Housing / lid materialEpoxy resin, aluminium, stainless steel
Cable length2.9m
Fluid typesWater, Buffer Solutions, Cell Culture Media, Fermentation Media, Non-Aerated Liquids
Tubing typese.g. Silicon, PVC and Polyurethanes, including Tygon®, C-flex®, Pharmed®, others on request
Medium operating temperature4 to 50 ºC (40 to 122°F)
Calibration tablesUp to 7 calibration tables can be stored in one sensor.
Cleaning and disinfectionDisinfect easily using alcohol based surface cleaners
Compatible flow metersBioProTT™ FlowTrack, FlowTrack plus, FlowTrack DINrail
Note: Only one sensor per control module
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