HaloSil Disinfection System

HaloSil Fogger – delivering effective supplemental room disinfection

Cleanliness is the number one problem for controlling the spread of infectious diseases.  Typical cleaning methods only remove the dirt and grime, leaving the surface clean but not disinfected.  Quite often even after a thorough cleaning germs are left behind.  The viruses that can cause infection and illness, and the bacteria that cause odors are either not affected or temporarily masked.  By using a dedicated disinfectant that kills by mechanical means, you can eliminate the threat you can't see and prevent adaptation.

The HaloSil Mist disinfectant coupled with the Halo Fogger is the preferred touch-less choice for a simpler, safer and more cost effective solution.  You cannot beat the value of the HaloSil system for supplemental surface disinfection and bio-burden reduction.  The HaloSil Fogger is ideal not only on “High Touch” surfaces but in all areas.

Ideal Applications
Compounding PharmaciesAssisted Care Facilities
LaboratoriesDaycare Facilities
Clean RoomsGyms and Fitness Centers
Schools and UniversitiesWrestling Rooms
HospitalsTraining Rooms
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Highly Effective Supplemental Area Disinfection

Saving lives one room at a time

HaloSil Disinfection System

The Sanosil HALO Fogger is a new, cost effective delivery technology for supplemental room disinfection that provides safe and powerful surface disinfection. The Halo Fogger using the Halomist S010 solution is EPA Certified as a system. This system delivers reliable performance that systems which cost four times as much cannot match. Why wait until a contamination event has occurred in your facility? The HALO Fogger allows quick and effective supplemental room disinfection to keep your facility and equipment safe. Imagine the time and cost of good will it would takes to rebuild confidence? So why wait for a contamination event to occur? Through routine of the HALO Fogger you can safely and easily maintain your colony counts below accepted levels keeping you up and running without interruption.

  • The HALO Fogger reduces the risk of cross contamination associated with rags and sponges.
  • The HALO Fogger is not operator technique dependent, increasing reliability.
  • The HALO system is perfect for heavily used areas.
  • The HALO system is quick.  Rooms up to 1800 cu/ft can be reoccupied as soon as 90 minutes after application
  • The HALO system is convenient.  You can treat rooms up to 10,000 cu/ft with one unit.
  • The HALO system is more effective.  The patented Sanosil disinfectant reaches surfaces that manual cleaning methods cannot.
  • Less labor.  The HALO Fogger operates automatically.

Cleanliness is the number one problem for controlling the spread of infectious diseases. Typical cleaning measures used today remove only the dirt and grime from a surface. Common cleaning solutions, including house-hold chlorine bleach, when used incorrectly create carcinogenic/toxic disinfecting by products. These toxic compounds have been linked to health problems including asthma and severe eye and skin irritation. Typical disinfectants require a long contact time – typically as much as 10 minutes. This is the heart of the problem. Accounting for human error, cleaning and wiping methods are only 30% effective. Wiping also spreads germs and bacteria and disinfecting wipes do not provide an effective dwell time. There is no way to avoid Cross contamination. If all goes well, the surface will be clean but not disinfected.

Even after a thorough cleaning, quite often germs are left behind on surfaces. The Sanosil no-wipe, no-rinse formula kills 99.99% of viruses, bacteria and fungi. In addition the Sanosil Halo Fogger generates a dry mist that disinfects all surfaces including behind window treatments and under beds and desks – typically surfaces that are not cleaned.

Sanosil Halo Mist is a patented, safer and more effective alternative disinfectant that kills 99.99% of bacteria, viruses and fungi found on surfaces…without posing a threat to your health. Sanosil combines hydrogen peroxide and silver, releasing highly reactive free radicals that immediately begin to attack the cell membrane of the targeted microorganism. These weaken the cell wall and allow the silver ions to enter. Together the silver and hydrogen peroxide destroy the microorganism in three ways.
1. Attacking and disrupting the cell membrane.
2. Binding to the enzymes, thus incapacitating the energy source of the cell causing rapid death.
3. Binding the DNA to stop replication.
During the process, hydrogen peroxide decomposes into oxygen gas which creates a highly toxic environment for anaerobes. This completes the active disinfection process.