Process Systems

ZETA is a leading designer and manufacturer of production systems to satisfy a wide range of upstream and downstream pharma and biotech operations. The experience of ZETA in the area of process control and in the precise control of individual production parameters are as essential for the quality of the final product, as is the knowledge of the necessary methods for cleaning and sterilization of the production equipment.  The possibilities include bioreactors and fermenters from 10 to 30,000 liters as well as media preparation and clean media systems.  ZETA engineers and supplies a wide range of downstream systems including purpose designed chromatography and filtration skids.  ZETA can accommodate a small skid and Super-skid designs. ZETA specializes in the design of complex distribution systems and manufacturer-independent integration of the automation systems.

The range of supply includes:

  • Bioreactors & Fermentation Systems for 10 liters to 30,000 liters
  • Single Use Integration and Automation
  • Chromatography and Filtration Systems
  • Preparation Systems
  • Clean Media Systems
  • Freeze & Thaw
  • Special Equipment
  • Dynamic FAT and testing

The range of Core Competences includes:

  • Automation Systems
  • Basic and Detailed Engineering
  • Process Optimization and Production Design
  • Fabrication and Assembly
  • On-site Installation
  • Qualification
  • Maintenance and Improvement
  • Supply Chain Management

ZETA supplies process technology which meets the highest standards and complies with both FDA and EU GMP guidelines.


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