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[tabs style=”default”] [tab title=”Single Use”]PharmAseptic has kept pace with the gradual transition of single use technologies from the development lab to GMP production, with a growing range of storage and powder transfer bags, single use mixing systems, single use bio reactors suitable for adherent cells and perfusion operations, rocker style reactors as well as the first and only needle based & 100% single-use aseptic sampling device.  It is our view that as the technology evolves to allow the user to more closely mimic their stainless steel systems, single use technologies will also expand on the production floor.  To facilitate the use single use processes, PharmAseptic also supplies a full range of peristaltic pumps, tubing and flow control and fittings.  [/tab] [tab title=”Stainless Steel”]PharmAseptic also recognizes there are certain pharmaceutical processes that because of the scale or the chemicals involved will not be candidates for single use technology.  Because of this reality we also offers a wide range of magnetically coupled mixing systems, both top and bottom mounted and tank components such as zero dead leg flanges important for optimizing stainless steel process vessels.  [/tab] [tab title=”Process Technologies”]PharmAseptic as the North America representative of Zeta BioPharm is your first contact for a complete range of integrated process skids as well as “super” skids for projects World wide.  We also supply advanced Freeze and Thaw process vessels and controllers.[/tab] [tab title=”Filtration”]Filtration represents many critical steps in nearly every process.  ZenPure has the experience and capabilities to provide cost effective filtration products for a wide range of applications; from custom medical devices to capsules that allow total recovery of your expensive filtrate, potentially saving tens of thousands of dollars per batch.[/tab] [tab title=”Gaskets”]For too long elastomeric gaskets have been regarded as a low cost commodity item instead of a critical process component.  James Walker, Ltd has developed the EP75B EPDM compound that solves the problems that can be attributed to low cost commodity gaskets.  Solutions to many vexing problems attributed to poorly performing gaskets are only a change out away.  James Walker has also developed a new elastomer suitable for the rigorous demands of valve diaphragms. [/tab] [/tabs]