Needle Valves for sanitary piping systems

Nearly 50 years of uncompromising quality

Rattiinox Type 049 Needle Valves are the ideal solution where accurate flow management is required in order to keep your process under control.  The valves are used wherever fine control of liquids and gases flow is required.  The 049 needle valve bodies are machined from solid bar stock in 1.4404 316L.  If greater corrosion resistance is needed the valves can be delivered in  1.4435-BN2 316L material.  The 049 valve is ideal for RO  and High Purity water systems as well as gases.

The valves feature a double metal seal with no gaskets between the body and the rod valve guide.  Each valve is laser marked for traceability and validation processes. Material 3.1 certificates, FDA or USP, internal surface finishing check is standard.

The valves are available from 3/4″ to 2.5″ with in the common sanitary tri-clamp specifications including ASTM A270, DIN 32676 and ISO 1127.  The valves are also available as butt weld or gas thread.  Two different gasket materials are available: FDA approved PTFE or USP Class VI – 121° PTFE.

Internal finish is 0.4µm Ra and external finish is 0.8µm Ra mirror polished as standard.  Working conditions are 10 bar (120 psi) and 150°C (300°F).

Rattiinox Needle Valves - weld ends
Rattiinox Needle Valve Type
Needle Valves Type sanitary tri-clamp ends
Rattiinox Needle Valve Type