Molded Shapes – VENAIR ADAPTSIL®


VENAIR ADAPTSIL® adaptors are ideal convey fluids in the food, Pharm and Biotech industries.
These adaptors are FDA approved, made out of USP class VI/platinum cured silicone and meet all the certifications required in these industries.
The fittings are made of 316 L Stainless Steel and crimped according to SZR® (non retention zone system).  The standard fittings are SMS, DIN and sanitary TRI-CLAMP but others are available upon request.
The hoses offer 7 different standard geometrical configurations but we can custom make any piece according to the customer’s needs.  These products can be vulcanized, sterilized and Cleaned in Place (CIP) with steam or any other common product (caustic soda, 4% diluted acid, etc.)
We recommend ADAPTSIL® to:
• Compensate system vibrations as well as to optimize the overall life of the hose or tube connections.
• Solve handling system miss-alignments as well as increased ease in hose or tube installation.
• Offer sound dampening characteristics in your process systems due to its elastic and flexible construction.
*This product is also available with an inner layer of FKM.

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VENAIR Molded Shapes