Magnetic Agitators

Innovation in Critical Mixing Applications

PharmAseptic is a recognized technology leader in top and bottom mounted magnetically coupled mixer systems. The agitator systems offered by PharmAseptic are industry leading designs backed by over 25 years experience.  The bottom mounted range of mixers is suitable for a wide range of blending and powder incorporation applications in pharmaceutical, biotech and vaccine production up to 50,000 liters.  Large scale bottom mounted agitators with extended shafts are possible up to 15,000 liters.  

Special systems that include rotary filters for trypsinization processes are also possible.  PharmAseptic offers two types of top mounted systems depending on the application and the level of mixing required.  Both offer retrofit capabilities for existing systems to eliminate mechanical seals.  Typical applications for the top mounted TMAe and TMAi systems include bioreactors and fermenters to 8000 liters.  Many custom options are available including mixing systems for autoclaved tanks and stainless motors. 

Magnetic agitators are used wherever the most exacting requirements need to be fulfilled with regard to sterile design and reliability:

  • Bioreactors for bacteria and cell cultures
  • Processes with carrier suspensions
  • Manufacture of vaccines
  • Process vessels in the up/downstream areas of fermentation plants
  • Infusion and injection solutions
  • Fractionation of blood plasma
  • Manufacture of active agents
  • Fine chemistry
  • Foodstuffs (e.g. breweries, milk industry)
  • Manufacture of fruit juices
  • Special applications (e.g. high-pressure reactors, cooling media)