em-tec Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Clamp On and Get Started Installation
The non-invasive solution for reliable and economical liquid flow measurement for improved bioprocess management.

– Non-invasive, real-time flow measurement
– Clamp on and get started installation
– Does not cause pressure drop
– Does not induce shear stress on cells
– Excellent accuracy, repeatability and stability
– Economical and reusable
– 4-20mA or digital RS-232 output signals
– Customer specified calibration for tubing,temperature and media
– User adjustable calibration enables field changes
– Transducers make no contact with media in the tube
– Easy to install – no need to splice lines or stop process
– Economical – reusable transducers last for years
– Disinfect easily using alcohol based surface cleaners

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--em-tec BioProTT Flow Measurement
–em-tec BioProTT Flow Measurement