Halofogger® System

Halo™ Disinfection System

Saving lives one room at a time™

The HALO room disinfection system is a trusted, cost effective delivery technology for supplemental room disinfection that provides safe and powerful surface disinfection. The HaloFogger using the HaloSil S010 solution is EPA registered as a system. This system delivers reliable performance that systems which cost four times as much cannot match. Why wait until a contamination event has occurred in your facility? The HaloFogger allows quick and effective supplemental room disinfection to keep your facility and equipment safe. Imagine the time and cost of good will it  takes to rebuild confidence? Through routine use of the Halosil HALOFogger you can safely and easily maintain your colony counts below accepted levels, thereby protecting your patients and workers and keeping you up and running without interruption.

Halosil room disinfection system with close-up of HMI
Halo™ room disinfection HaloFogger










  • The HaloFogger reduces the risk of cross contamination associated with rags and sponges.
  • The HaloFogger is not operator technique dependent, increasing reliability.
  • The Halo system is perfect for heavily used areas.
  • The HaloFogger system is EPA registered.
  • The Halo disinfection system delivers a 6-log kill rate that s saves patient’s lives
  • The Halo system is quick.  Rooms up to 1800 cu/ft can be reoccupied as soon as 90 minutes after application
  • The HaloO system is convenient.  You can treat rooms up to 10,000 cu/ft with one unit.
  • The Halo system is more effective.  The patented Sanosil disinfectant reaches surfaces that manual cleaning methods cannot.
  • Less labor.  The HaloFogger operates automatically.

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