PharmAseptic Universal Torque Tool

Sanitary Clamp Torque Tools

Consistent torque is key…

Sanitary and aseptic piping systems rely heavily on sanitary clamp connections.  These connections depend upon the ferrules, gaskets and clamps working together as a system.  These “make and break” connections are often over looked as a critical process piping system that contains four key components.  Overlooked in many cases is the amount of clamp  torque required for a safe and secure gasket seal.   Once the proper torque is defined, the challenge is then how to properly apply that torque?  The PharmAseptic torque tool solves the problems associated with improperly and inconsistently tightened sanitary clamps.  The answer is the Universal TC torque tools from PharmAseptic!  Available in several standard calibrated settings, 30 in/lbs for silicone and 40 or 44 in/lbs for EPDM and 50 in/lbs for PTFE.  While the slip style mechanism is generally preferred for the highest accuracy and the tools are also available with a click style torque mechanism.  The knob style handle with slip type mechanism is only recommended for Silicone gaskets at the 30 in/lbs setting.  A unique head fits all known clamp nut styles.  Custom torque settings are available to your specification.


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PharmAseptic Universal Torque Tools