Machined Tank Plates

Machined tank plates are only one of many possibilities for difficult aseptic solutions.  With over 40 years of precision machining experience Rattiinox is your go-to source for a wide range of custom machining.  The custom tank bottom dish pictured below is just one example of the capabilities that Rattiinox can bring to your project.  The customer required a bottom dish with eight tank-bottom outlet valves in order to feed a high speed aseptic filling machine.  There was no room in a typical dish to weld multiple outlet valves.  The Rattiinox solution allows for each valve to supply the same amount of product to the individual filling lines.  The only weldment on this bottom dish is for the large main drain valve.  Otherwise the use valves are completely machined from plate.  We have supplied similar solutions for customers with tank vessel top plates in order to completely eliminate dead-legs.


Machined Vessel Bottom

Machined Vessel Bottom


Machined vessel bottom with eight feed valves and precision contoured inlets for high speed filler.


Machined vessel bottom with eight feed valves for high speed filler.

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