Sanitary Instrument Ports

The Rattiinox sanitary instrument port is an in-line component that is used to eliminate the dead legs and unused piping associated with the standard T connection.  The instrument port from Rattiinox is high adaptable and can be used to mount various TC connectable devices such as sample valve, pressure and temperature sensors as well as single use sample devices.  The instrument ports are typically clamped in-line but can be supplied with ends prepared for manual or automatic welding.  The port where the device is mounted is typically a standard sanitary clamp connection.

The instrument ports pictured below were designed for a large pharmaceutical customer to enable single use sampling at the point of final filtration.  This design eliminated issues associated with sampling off flexible tubing connection and sit directly on top of the final filter housing.  Instead of sampling, this design could be adapted to also accommodate a pressure gauge or temperature probe if required.

Custom Instrument Ports
Rattiinox custom instrument ports.