Custom 3A Hoses and Fittings

VENAIR 3A Hose Assemblies

The concept of SZR* has been fully researched for the flexible hoses produced by VENAIR. This system ensures that the hoses equipped with metal fittings on both ends satisfy even the most demanding requirements of the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical market, since all areas where contamination may occur between the joint of the hose and the fittings are eliminated by placing them at the same level.

The SZR* system is designed to prevent the utmost differences in diameter between the metal fitting and the hose, ensuring continuous product flow without inner turbulence. This leads to time saving by allowing on-site cleaning (CIP) to be performed without disassembly.  The SZR assembly system ensures a higher level of non-retention in the flexible hoses, as well as greater safety of use.  Moreover, our crimped hoses can be Certified according to the 3A Sanitary Standard 62-02 for hose assemblies.

Available hose styles include engineered hose assemblies for heating and cooling, Silicone, FKM, PTFE, Conductive vacuum, powder conveying, food grade EPDM, food grade Butyl and FDA approved silicone specifically for industrial kitchens and catering operations.

Custom Fittings are standard
VENAIR can supply the full range of hose assemblies in eleven European and North American standard fittings.

Quality of finish
The roughness of the inner surface of the SZR* fittings presents a maximum roughness of 0.8 microns and can be improved on request.  The batch number for the raw material used is indicated on each fitting.  All connections are manufactured in a single block, without welds, and the flexed 45º or 90º connections are secured by an orbital weld.

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*SZR is a registered trademark of VENAIR