Aseptic Sampling Valves

Since 1970, Rattiinox has been a World leader in the design and production of hygienic and aseptic sampling valves.  There are several designs to choose from, each having their own niches.

Due to the robust design, the CAD aseptic valve is ideal for pilot plant and critical production applications. The CAD valves are offered in both standard (short) and extended valve diaphragm designs.  There are many shut-off valve options as well as valves machined as part of the pipe.  The integral valves on pipe can be supplied with outlet port either tangential or eccentric to the pipe wall.  The long life precision machined PTFE diaphragms are capable of thousands of CIP and SIP cycles and of leak-proof shut-off at pressure well above 90 psi (6 bar) and under a wide range of process conditions.  The diaphragms are not affected by vacuum.

Sample Valve
Rattiinox CAD TC Connect Sample Valve
TEE Sample Valve
CAD BPE Pipe Takeoff Sample Valve
Takeoff Valves
Rattiinox CAD Takeoff Valves

Several of the compact aseptic and O-ring valve designs are best suited for laboratory and pilot plant use.   The full range of Rattiinox sample valves starts with simple sanitary tri-clamp ferrule connection standards including ASTM A270 according to ASME-BPE 2009, DIN 32676 and ISO 1127.  Beyond simply a shut-off valve clamped to a ferrule, the range includes valves machined as part of the pipe and also including the possibility for an additional valve that can be used for steaming the down stream leg of the sample line and drying the line after sampling.  The four valve types valves in this range include the Types 046 compact aseptic sampling valve, the Type 050 pipe take-off aseptic sampling valve, the Type 092 SIP valves and the Type 051 pipe take-off aseptic sampling unit.

Aseptic Sample Valves
Compact Aseptic Sample Valves

For bioreactors and fermenters and for general sampling of the side of process vessels Rattiinox has a range of nine different valves in several different connection types.  For high volume sampling off of bioreactor and fermenters Rattiinox can supply the required valve assembly that reduces overall sample dead-band as well as the ability to clean and sterilize the downstream leg between samples.  A key par t of the system is the in-line instrument port that is designed to be fitted with several different types of single use sampling devices.  These systems use standard components but can be modified to best suit your applications.  A key but often times over-looked part of the system is the bottom point assembly.  The Rattiinox solution separates the waste and steam condensate lines as well as a temperature sensing port and steam trap into a very compact assembly.

Ingold sample valve
Ingold sample valve

For special applications, Rattiinox also supplies a range of in-line O-ring  and needle style sampling valves.

Sanitary Sampling Valve
Sanitary O-ring Sampling Valve


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